.djscript and .djconfig

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.djscript and .djconfig

Postby davthedev » January 7, 2021, 7:56 pm

So, i have created files that my programming language, DJScript (NOT DjScript) uses for configuration of its files, and the script itself. These are classified the same as JSON files, which are:
.djconf / .djconfig - Configures internal script
.djscript - DJScript file
.dimg - DJScript image file
.dwav - DJScript sound file
Also, DJScript converts .dimg's and .dwav's on the fly to png and mp3, through a built in function

Code: Select all

edit::(image or music)@root/documents/'filename'
which brings up the editing interface. It's easier to do as it can read the HEX inside the files about 100x quicker than the actual music/image itself.

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