Does anybody know an Codec for CELP (Olympus DP-211)?

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Does anybody know an Codec for CELP (Olympus DP-211)?

Post by patefacere »

The short question is:
Is there an player that can play audio files from an device called "Olympus DP-211" from the company Olympus?
Does anybody know an Codec named "CELP" or software that can play "CELP" codec audio files (wav format)?

If both of these answers are "NO", then please read further.

I have an recording device called "Olympus DP-211" which broke.
It has no ports what so ever, so I build out it's memory and analyzed it.

The recording goes through an codec and moves through an binary system and is formated to an this device (Olympus DP-211) exclusive file.
The binary sections are quite similar to another, which is why I am assuming that it is some sort of firmware.

All files are encrypted and named alphabetically with three digits:
.aaa, .aab, .aac, etc...
and begin with "PLSB".

What is weird is the path.
Normally an path begins with the mpr and then goes to the system files. But here it begins with an specific section instead.
I am guessing (with emphasis on "guessing") that the actual audio file is the Body of the complete file (the file created when something is recorded).
So I extracted it and found that it has this "CELP" format, but no audio format.

Now I am looking for an Codec (maybe for .wav) that can play "CELP".

I am looking forward for ideas.
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Re: Does anybody know an Codec for CELP (Olympus DP-211)?

Post by Malric »

Maybe some Olympus owner will know and help you out.
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