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New extensions

Post by IsoBuster »

Feel free to ask follow up questions but I'll keep it (as) brief (as I can) to start with.

I noticed IsoBuster's extension support is a bit outdated on so I figured I update you.
Here's a link to currently supported extensions: ... le-Support

or straight from IsoBuster 4.3's options:
IsoBuster 4.3 extension support.png
IsoBuster 4.3 extension support.png (22.89 KiB) Viewed 2298 times
For the last 9 added extensions I can offer some context (See the intro paragraph of the release notes) : ... ease_notes

Last, I noticed that your IsoBuster description ( ... extensions ) is outdated too. IsoBuster can do much more than only optical. It recovers from a wide range of media such as HDDs, USB stick etc. as well (and image files of course).
Perhaps update the info from:

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Re: New extensions

Post by Malric »

Thanks, will look on it :)
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