Some whole slide formats

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Some whole slide formats

Post by rsnetbase »

I love your database and I have some additional whole slide image file-types for you.

Aperio ImageScope ( ... extensions) supports:
All of them can be viewed.
Additionally it exports/imports .xml files containing the annotations created for a slide, named with the same name as the slide, they belong to.

The netscope Viewer, netScope Group, netScope Desk and the netScope Server also support additional formats.
The most common used software of this group of software is the netScope Viewer. ... extensions

The logo would be

Sticking to your table I would suggest to fill it like this additionally for the netScope Viewer:

.bif .svslide .vmu .vms .ndpi

.bif .svslide .vmu .vms .ndpi

.bif .svslide .vmu .vms .ndpi .xml (from imagescope)

.bif .svslide .vmu .vms .ndpi

netScope specific settings: .chs .slideSettings .slideQuantification .info .prop .ActivationKey

I hope i can help you care your database and i hope this is not too much information.

Thank you!
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Re: Some whole slide formats

Post by Malric »

Thank you, will process it and update our entries :)
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